Protected: Lessons Schedule & Swap List

It is inevitable in a studio that family schedules change or conflicts arise, and that lesson times need to be traded.

The first course of action is to swap with another student.

I really appreciate all of you who have been flexible with your schedules, and allowing the swap system to work!

Swap Instructions:

  1. Look at my weekly lessons schedule. Find a slot with the same lesson duration as your student. Green highlighted are 45 minutes and blue are 30 minutes, pink are 60 minutes.
  2. Text the parent asking about swapping. Indicate if it is for a one time lesson trade or for a permanent trade.
  3. If the party can swap, send to teacher and swapping party a text that the swap is confirmed indicating the dates and the duration.

Remember, any swaps between students must be reported prior to the swap occurring.

Any permanent changes to the schedule or switching lesson times between students for more than one swap must receive confirmation by teacher. Thank you!

If a swap isn’t possible with anyone, then contact me. I will see if I can arrange special availability, or, last resort, you will be put on my waiting list until there is a spot available. Thank you!

Click here for Lessons Schedule & Swap List

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