About Brooke

It is wonderful to be part of creating beauty in this world by sharing the gift of music.

What is unique about my teaching?

I notice that I am able to put students at ease and help them to relax into a sweet joy spot, where learning and playing the piano become optimal. There are so many smiles and giggles in our lessons, and yet students are working hard and expanding their version of their personal best. I enjoy helping them come alive through piano study, and to develop more of a sense of themselves and possibility. I begin with the notion that they are pianists already, and we aim to uncover evidence for this. I enjoy helping them to develop a kinesthetic awareness and deeper connection to their inner world, and integration with their outer world by doing imagery exercises. Aside from teaching the fundamentals of piano, I focus on nurturing creative expression, meaningful artistry, and spontaneity at the piano.

Here is a little about my professional background:

~Master of Music, Piano Pedagogy, University of Oregon, 2004

~Recipient of Graduate research award to fund masters thesis “Injury Prevention and Awareness: Developing Proper Posture and Hand Position in the Beginning Student”

~Trained in early childhood music

~Harmony Road Piano School Certified

~24 years teaching experience

Professional interests:

~Member of MTNA and OMTA

~Music History/Appreciation

~Integrating creativity and experimentation in piano study

~Evolutionary learning/creativity courses & kinesthetic learning courses and research

~Technique development and injury prevention research

~Guiding you toward a sense of empowerment, well-being, ease of motion, greater body awareness, artistic expression and rewarding experience of learning and sharing your artistry.


About the Studio

My intention is to instruct and nurture young pianists to feel connected to their playing and to their unique learning process and expression, to develop efficient practice habits and positive self-talk while they learn, to feel secure and freed up technically, to experience optimal and easeful playing and performing.

I draw on left and right brain learning modalities to elicit more resonance and understanding from students, to make learning more meaningful and thorough. My desire is to awaken the senses, to create an alive learning experience, that fosters awake, responsible, and empowered students, who feel at ease with their progress, and performance, but who desire to push themselves to achieve more, just to see what is possible if they work hard and employ/play with suggestions and exercises I give them. My wish is that they take this dynamic, meaningful, connected way of learning and extend it out into other aspects of their lives.

I have limited spaces for beginner and intermediate pianists. I specialize in ages K-12 and currently do not take adult students. Lessons take place in my studio in my home in Corvallis. Lessons are on a grand piano. Transfer students are welcome, especially those who would love to play, but who have felt blocked around their playing. I welcome any level of pianist who would like to find more empowerment, aliveness, and ease in their playing, reducing struggle.

Highlights of the Studio:

*comprehensive pedagogy

*engaging creative music curriculum to develop whole artist

*use of kinesthetic body awareness and imagery, to free up technique and to create solid performance

*cultivate expressive and engaging playing

*effective/meaningful practice methods to reduce overall amount of practice

*More ease and less struggle with playing

*More flow and connection to instrument resulting in more rewarding and interesting playing


*Studio classes

*Holiday music recital

*Collaborative piano and duet playing