What Parents Say~

‘Brooke Meservy is piano teacher (and human) extraordinaire.

My daughter has been taking piano lessons from Brooke for a couple years now, and, wow – has it been a beautiful, enriching experience. In addition to Brooke’s passion and gift with music, she has a way of tuning into people’s uniqueness and coaxing their genius out. There is nothing common or ordinary about this. Brooke listens deeply to each of her students and intuitively knows what would best serve them. This is truly an extraordinarily rare thing, something that sets Brooke aside from other people and teachers out there.

The progress and growth my daughter has made under Brooke’s guidance, not only as a musician but as a little person, has been a great gift. To know my daughter is in such good, caring, capable, brilliant hands, fills my mama heart full.

I would not only wholeheartedly recommend Brooke as a piano teacher, I would say – You better hurry and get in with this woman while you can because she is exceptional and there is no one out there like her!

Thank you, Brooke, for the richness you’ve brought to our daughter’s life. We have struck gold with you and we’re sincerely and forever thankful.’

Julia (mother of 5th grader)

‘We cannot say enough about our daughter’s experience as a student of Brooke Meservy’s. Brooke’s passion for her work extends far beyond the already challenging work of teaching piano. A gifted musician herself, Ms. Brooke eloquently shares her teaching and musical gifts with her students and their families.

Brooke has the ability to recognize and appreciate every student’s unique personality and highlight his/her strengths. Our daughter has absolutely blossomed under her guidance! She came to Ms. Brooke having never played the piano. A year and a half later, our daughter continues to truly love playing piano (and does it beautifully!!) and is eager to continue growing her “musical life.”

We would strongly recommend anyone who is considering piano lessons to seek out the chance to get to know Ms. Brooke Meservy. She is passionate about her work and absolutely dedicated to a positive and nurturing musical experience for each of her students!’

–Janelle and Ryan (parents of 3rd grader)

‘When we started looking for a piano teacher, I had in mind someone who could instruct our daughter in the foundations of music theory while keeping it encouraging and fun. Two years into lessons and it’s obvious that you’ve given her branches of basic theory, and let her creativity blossom from them. She loves going to lessons and feels so proud of her accomplishments, whether it’s the challenge of learning about flats and sharps, or the excitement of playing a new piece. You build her confidence every week, in music and in life. Thank you!’

–Danielle (mother of 1st grader)

‘Brooke has been teaching our 8 year old daughter for 2 years.  Our daughter is even more enthusiastic about her lessons than when she began! The right teacher makes all the difference.’

–Larry (father of 2nd grader)

‘My daughter started piano lessons with Brooke at the age of 7. She has adapted her teaching to meet my daughter’s learning style and encourages her each step of the way. Piano lessons have become something we look forward to each week!

As a parent I appreciate her level of professionalism and the role model she has become for my daughter!’
-Scott (father of 3rd grader)

What Students Say~

‘I started piano lessons 6 months ago in pursuit of a lifelong dream, I couldn’t possibly have imagined how much I would enjoy it! Brooke is patient as I learn to read music and continually encourages me to keep playing, I often find myself laughing during lessons and genuinely enjoying every minute that I am there!’

-Bernadette (adult student)