Make-Up Lesson Policy

During the school year I do not offer make-up lessons and require a firm commitment to the exact time reserved for you each week.

Summer lessons are more flexible. Please see the summer lessons page for more info.

What this means for you:
If you must miss a lesson due to conflict, you may use the swap list. Be sure to follow swap list procedures listed on my website. In general, the swap list works really well to plan ahead for lessons you must miss! We have a supportive community that really helps one another by trading if possible to help with conflicts that arise with lessons. Thank you for being flexible to swap your lesson time for another student if you can. It really serves the community.

If you can’t find a swap, you can contact me for any availability. If I do not have availability, and it is not the day of, I will record an audio lesson and email it. Please make sure you send me a copy of your student’s lesson sheet if applicable. Limit 1 audio lesson per term.

If a student is too sick to come to lessons, but well enough for a live video lesson, (or if you are on the fence if they are too sick to come to lessons), they may have a video lesson over Zoom at their normally scheduled lesson time.

If there is ample notice, (morning of, before 10am) and a student is too sick for a live video lesson, I will record an audio lesson. Limit 1 per term.

If you have a legitimate emergency, ie. flat tire, accident, family crisis, I will record an audio lesson and send it to you that week.

If you are on vacation for an entire week and cannot swap, I will record an audio lesson. Limit 1 per term.

*Please note that audio lessons will likely not be as long as a live lesson and will be as long as I find fit for the content to cover material, conscientious of the student’s attention span, and usability of the audio. I may choose to send content not relating to that weeks lesson, but of an educational nature that I think the student will be interested in and benefit from.

Other reminders to keep in mind taken from the Studio Policy:

Cancellations or No-Shows:

Day-of-cancellations will not be eligible for an audio lesson unless for emergency or sickness with notice by 10am.

No-shows tuition is forfeited.

As always, if I must cancel, I will extend credits or make-ups as my availability allows.

There are no refunds or credits of tuition for scheduled lessons. Full tuition payments are always due even if you know you will be out of town. A reminder that tuition payments are spread across the full year for a certain amount of lessons per year, and not billed by month.

Although I work hard to support families and their needs, it is ultimately up to you to schedule a swap or check in with me about availability, or let me know by 10am about illness.

For certain students I may prefer to offer a live make-up, but reserve the right to make that decision as availability allows and circumstances arise.

Too Many Missed Lessons: If there are more than 4 missed lessons, including studio classes in a term, I reserve the right to terminate lessons. I do my best teaching and students benefit the most when attendance is adhered to strictly. I would like to make space for families who prioritize attendance and who are there to learn and grow by showing up regularly.