Studio Policy & Procedures

~Lessons take place at my home in Corvallis, Oregon, on a beautiful Estonia grand piano or Yamaha p-255 keyboard.

~Lessons are given weekly. (Please see calendar for schedule).

~Tuition to be paid monthly and is due before or by the 1st. Please include a dollar per day late fee beginning the 2nd of the month. If you will be out of town the first week, please make sure tuition is paid early. Please read more on tuition here.

~Preferred payment through Zelle and Venmo payments.

 Attendance, Illness and Make-up lessons:

~Attendance of lessons is very important to musical progress. Students are expected to attend and participate in all scheduled lessons, classes and recitals. Regular attendance supports consistent musical growth and commitment for our studio, as well as my ability to keep the studio running.

Important Policy Change: During the school year, September through end of school year. I will no longer offer make up lessons. I am changing my policy to better serve as a teacher, by requiring a firmer commitment to the exact time reserved for you each week during the months September through June. Summer lessons will work differently. Please see summer lessons page for more info. 
What this means for you:
~If you must miss a lesson due to conflict, you may use the swap list. Be sure to follow swap list procedures listed on my website. If you can’t find a swap, you can contact me for any availability. If I do not have availability, and it isn’t the day of, I will record an audio lesson and email it. Please make sure you send me a copy of their lesson sheet if applicable. *see limitation

~If a student is too sick to come to lessons, but well enough for a LIVE video lesson, (or if you are on the fence if they are too sick to come to lessons), they may have a LIVE video lesson over Zoom at their normally scheduled lesson time; 

~If there is ample notice, (morning of) and a student is too sick for a live video lesson, I will record an audio lesson and send it that week; *see limitation

~If you have a legitimate emergency, ie. flat tire, accident, family crisis, I will record an audio lesson and send it to you that week; *see limitation

~If you are on vacation for an entire week and cannot swap, I will record an audio lesson. *see limitation

*Limitation: I will only allow 1 audio lesson recording per 3 month term (1 total, not 1 per scenario). This is to keep in person attendance (or LIVE video) high.

~If you need a new lesson time during the school year because your coach changed the practice again! you may use the swap list to trade permanently. If no swap can be found, please contact me and I will look for any availability I may have. If I cannot accommodate my schedule to find a time, last resort, you will be moved to my waiting list until something opens up.

Thank you for being flexible to swap your lesson time for another student if you can. It really serves the community. 

~Day-of-cancellations for any other reason than sickness (with morning-of notice), or emergency, will not be eligible for an audio lesson.

~No-shows are forfeited.

~As always, if I must cancel, I will extend credits or make ups as my availability allows.

~There are no refunds or credits of tuition for scheduled lessons. No exceptions. Thanks!

Lesson Arrival:

It is very important that students be on time for lessons. If a student arrives late, they will miss out on part of their lesson, as student lessons are scheduled back to back.

Please plan not to arrive any earlier than a minute before your lesson unless requested otherwise. Please allow the previous student to finish their lesson with minimal distraction.


Remember that students must be dropped off just a minute before their lesson, as to not disturb the previous lesson, and picked up promptly from lessons. Also, a reminder NOT to drop off students early or leave them late, unless you have checked with me, as I may not be home, or I may need to leave. Always make sure you see a student enter my studio before you leave them. 

Lesson Pick-Up:

Students must be promptly picked up from their lessons. Because students are scheduled back to back, a prompt and quick pick up allows us to transition without distraction and allows the next student the ability to settle into their lesson with more ease. Please be conscientious of this. Do not plan to run errands if you can’t be back in time. Please plan accordingly. Thank you.

Practice and Assignments:

Progress at the piano depends on daily practice, which should assume the same priority as homework. Practice is most effective when the student is alert and undisturbed. Most students find that setting a regular practice time helps them to be consistent. Regular practice keeps muscle development and coordination strong and creates ease in progressing and learning. Learning is more dynamic and intrinsically rewarding, which helps with practice. Skills built depend on practice for maintenance and continued future skill building, so consistent practice is a must.

Students are required to practice as part of their commitment to lessons. Within reason, if practice requirements are not being met, even after sufficient intervention, with teacher and parent support, a student may be excused from the studio.

Parents of young students may need to be available to practice with their children, and may be encouraged to attend lessons. The piano must be tuned to develop musicality,  and is best placed away from family distractions. Fingernails must be kept short (please no artificial nails) in order to use the hands comfortably and correctly at the keyboard. The student and I will decide on a manageable daily practice period that can be accomplished at least 5-7 times per week.

Student Practice: I have never had quite so much competition practicing  as I have since the smart phone, Ipad and streaming devices were introduced. I am adding to my policy that a reasonable level of practice must be maintained to stay a part of my studio, and that I reserve the right to dismiss a student if reasonable practice requirements are not consistently being met. This is how I do my best teaching, and how your students grow and thrive at the piano.

Lending Library: The studio is continually building its lending library from which students are able to borrow literature. A record of books on loan will be kept. Students are to return all books on loan at the end of the school year, if not before. Students will be charged for any books lost, damaged or not returned.

Materials:  Students are asked to have the following supplies: personal tote bag (not shared with a sibling or as a school bag) dedicated to piano music and materials only. A metronome.

Purchasing Books: Parents are responsible for purchasing requested books in a timely manner. I usually try to give plenty of notice in case books must be ordered. Any books purchased by the teacher for the student will be added to the regular monthly fee. Parents should expect to spend an average of $25.00+ per term, per student on books.

Studio Classes: Studio lessons are scheduled periodically, especially around holiday and recital time. One studio class is charged the same as one individual lesson. Students come together to play for one another and to be coached by the teacher in a group setting. Students play duets and have collaborative experiences. In my experience as a teacher this is perhaps the most important aspect for students learning broadening their performance and collaborative skills at the piano, and for making performance and collaborative playing easier and more meaningful. Attendance is required. Please do your best to clear your schedule, as learning gained in this setting is something quite special. See calendar.

Recitals: It is important for students to have many opportunities to showcase their musical progress. This exposure eases performance anxiety, and honors students’ diligent work.  Students must be well-prepared, dressed in performance attire, and plan to arrive early. Other performance or judiciary opportunities will be presented as possibilities for participation as the student shows readiness and commitment.

Place of Business: Students and student’s family are not allowed in the house outside of the studio unless invited. Please do not plan to use parts of the house to watch siblings or to wait for students. Please respect the flow and privacy of members of family who live in the house. Thank you for your understanding.

Discontinuing Lessons: I require one month’s notice prior to discontinuing lessons. If a student quits abruptly, tuition will still be due to finish out 30 days. This allows time for closure with a student, helps me have time to fill a spot, and allows students to be more mindful about quitting,  discouraging the temptation to quit on weeks when they haven’t practiced.

Teacher reserves right to dismiss students if studio requirements/policies are not being met.

Thank you for your support in helping the studio to run smoothly. I look forward to our time together!

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