Spiritual Awakening Piano Lessons

Awaken your being, illuminate your soul, and live in the wonder of your unique artistry…

Something new that I am offering that is full of light and wonder! I incorporate my creative life coaching and spiritual mentoring into my work with you, along with giving you piano lessons. You learn to play the piano, and at the same time cultivate deep connection with yourself and your unique expression and soul journey.

Our time time together is spent doing creative and spiritual exercises at and away from the piano to free up body, mind, & spirit within the realm of artistic expression, and to cultivate fullness of being, as well as learn the skills needed to play the piano, to read music, and uncover ways to make music relevant and purposeful to you.

This work is an intuitive, dynamic and sacred process, and the end result is you being much more integrated into your inner world of feeling and trusting yourself, and the physical world of learning a new skill and improving on that skill. Both worlds come together to unleash your unique artistic expression and meaningful connection to playing the piano. This feeling of connection with yourself and your artistic expression radiates out into the rest of your life, and softens your physical experience as you are filled with the well-being that comes from stretching yourself creatively and intellectually.

I guide you gently through this process to provide you with tools you need to learn the piano and express yourself through an artistic medium. It is a rich journey of becoming more of who you really are, while allowing a tangible exploration of something with which you can easily track your progress and transformation.

I meet you where you are and accept your pace and progress, while intuiting your strengths and hold-backs. I naturally accentuate your strengths and create opening and curiosity for exploration of the blocks within you. This is a form of art therapy, where you are deeply nurtured on your way to knowing yourself as whole, no matter where you are in life.

All levels of piano welcome. This is for you if you would like to open yourself up creatively, explore and expand your edges of being, and become more deeply connected with your awareness of your aspects of self, and your creative expression.

Ages welcome: mostly adult (high school and older, exceptions may be made on a case by case basis).